Corporate Virtual Ice Cream Cocktail Party

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Plan a virtual ice cream cocktail party for you and your team or for your clients! Just because we aren't all together in the office, doesn't mean we cannot have a little fun.

How it works:

This summer we are offering private virtual ice cream cocktail parties! We send the cocktail ingredients kit- all the - booze, ice cream and garnishes needed to make 2 of our ice cream cocktails. We also send along instructions.

Then we put together a digital invitation for you and your guests with a link to follow along for the full tutorial- on zoom, Vimeo, youtube live, or your company's internal system! We can also offer customization like your logo on the invitation and instructions, re-naming drinks to fun company sayings or inside jokes, etc.

Purchase your digital invitation and 1 hour private tutorial today! (for a minimum of 10 people and max. of 300 people). We will email you from there to get your list of attendees, addresses and any dietary restrictions. 


  • $99 1 hour live tutorial and digital invitation (minimum of 10 people, max of 300)
  • $85 per person- Cocktail kit with enough ingredients to make 2 cocktails with local delivery/shipping included 
  • $150 for each additional hour (hosting breakout sessions, cocktail competition, or any additional customization)


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