9 Unique Gifts Your Foodie Friends Will Love!

The past year has been big for foodies who enjoy cooking at home. They have more time than ever to practice and experiment with new recipes. If one of your foodie friends has a birthday coming up, then the most obvious gift you can give them is something that relates to their passion for cooking. If you aren’t much of a cook yourself, this can be difficult.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. For our latest article, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for the foodies in your life. From alcoholic ice cream recipes to multi-use pressure cookers, our list includes everything a foodie could ever want in their kitchen. 

9 Perfect Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life

Surprise your friends with a unique alcoholic ice cream recipe book or a new apron.

friends happily cooking togetherWe’ve narrowed down our list of the best gifts for foodies to nine items:

  1. Special recipe book for alcohol-infused ice cream
  2. Reusable silicone straw
  3. DIY hot sauce kit
  4. Cake stand
  5. Pasta machine
  6. Molcajete 
  7. Spice collection
  8. Artisanal sous vide
  9. Handmade apron

Let’s take a closer look at each one now!

1. Special Desserts from an Alcoholic Ice Cream Recipe Book

tipsy scoop recipe bookIs your friend adventurous? Do they like to experiment with new recipes? Surprise them with a Tipsy Scoop Recipe book! Tipsy Scoop Latest and Greatest, the first ever boozy ice cream cookbook, features Tipsy Scoop’s most popular alcoholic ice cream recipes. These creative recipes are up to 5% alcohol by volume and offer the perfect twist to your favorite ice cream dishes. Over 40 recipes, presentation ideas, and tips and tricks are included in this popular cookbook. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Bourbon

Tipsy Scoop Latest and Greatest Recipes includes instructions for making popular boozy ice cream flavors like Strawberry Rhubarb Bourbon. In this recipe sweet, fruity, Strawberry Rhubarb  ice cream combines with notes of smooth bourbon for a super creamy ice cream that packs a punch. In just one bite you’ll see why this isn’t your grandma’s classic strawberry rhubarb dessert.

2. Reusable Silicone Straw

pick objects on white tableMetal straws are much better for the environment than plastic ones. But they can chip your teeth and even burn your mouth if you aren’t careful. The Koffie Straw is an eco-friendly and user-friendly alternative to both metal and plastic straws. Made of soft silicone, the Koffie Straw is flexible and able to maintain a steady room temperature regardless of the beverage’s heat. 

3. DIY Hot Sauce Kit

custom hot saucesSome people are very picky about their hot sauces. If your friend is one of these people, then you need to get them a DIY hot sauce kit. Created by Uncommon Goods, this special hot sauce kit offers cayenne, curry, chili, and other ingredients to help your friend make their own handcrafted condiments. Included in the package are six bottles and labels for your friend to sort and organize their custom sauces. 

4. Food Stand

food stands holding cheese and applesAny experienced foodie knows how important presentation is. Help your foodie friend impress guests with a special food stand. If your friend evokes a chic, understated style in their presentation methods, you can purchase a simple pedestal. But if they have a flair for a modern and chic presentation, you can purchase something more contemporary like a wood marble-covered server instead. 

5. Pasta Machine

pasta machineWho doesn’t love pasta? Most people prefer purchasing pre-made pasta in a box. But true foodies love making their own noodles. Pasta makers like the Atlas 150 Aluminum Pasta Maker can create the perfect linguine, lasagna, or spaghetti noodles from dough in minutes. If you’re lucky, your friend might treat you to some pasta the next time you visit!

6. Molcajete Made From Volcanic Rock

molcajete with guacamoleThe molcajete is one of the oldest culinary tools in the world. Similar to a traditional mortar and pestle you see in grocery stores, these special culinary tools are made out of volcanic rock. The molcajetes sold by Williams Sonoma, in particular, are carved from a single piece of basalt rock. Thanks to their rough interior texture, molcajetes are perfect for making some fresh and delicious guacamole and pesto. 

7. An Artisanal Spice Collection

artisanal spice collectionYou can never go wrong with surprising your friend with an artisanal spice collection. A foodie can never get enough spices for their cabinet. We like Gustus Vitae’s Ultimate Artisanal Seasoning and Gourmet Sea Salt Collection for its extensive offerings. This 20-piece collection features a wide selection of fun and interesting flavors. 

8. Electronic Sous Vide

electronic sous videThis innovative Joule Sous Vide by Breville heats food to the perfect temperature. No longer will your friend have to worry about overcooking or undercooking their dishes. The Joule is the smallest and most powerful sous vide tools on the market. With its built-in magnet, the Joule is also able to hold steady to your pots without requiring any clips. 

9.  Handmade Apron

Attractive young brunette housewife in casual clothes and apronWhat is a cook without their favorite apron? Surprise your friend with a special, handmade apron! Finding one that matches their unique style and personality is easy thanks to their wide availability. 

Gift hunting can be pretty stressful. But seeing the genuine smile on your friend’s face when they open their present will be worth all of your hard work. Want to surprise your friend with a creative alcoholic ice cream recipe book? Order our special recipe book for them today! The next time you come over, you can try concocting some of these tasty desserts together.