Local NYC Foodie Gift Guide for The Holidays

As the holidays get into full swing, it’s time to figure out what you want to give your friends and family. For those who are struggling to find great gift ideas in NYC, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re interested in giving something whimsical like an ice cream with alcohol cookbook, or something sophisticated like dinner at a literary themed Beginnings in Atlantic Beach. No matter  who you’re shopping for, Tipsy Scoop has you covered. Before you set out on the holiday party circuit, take a look at some of the top NYC foodie gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

     1. Tipsy Scoop Cookbook

Your favorite ice cream with alcohol has a cookbook so you can make liquor-infused flavors, cocktails and sundaes from home! 

tipsy scoop cookbook page open kitchen whiskChallenge your friends and family to a sundae making contest.

Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice cream makes an excellent gift for any holiday celebration. But, did you know that Tipsy Scoop also wrote a cookbook? Now you can try your hand at their most popular boozy ice cream and sorbet recipes right from your own kitchen! You could even include a few pints of Tipsy Scoop so your loved ones can start trying out the ice cream cocktail and sundae recipes right away! All it takes to get creative is some inspiration and some ice cream with alcohol.  The cookbook — Tipsy Scoop Latest and Greatest recipes, includes over 40 recipes, presentation ideas, tips and tricks for you to try out!

     2. Chonky Cookies

From ice cream with alcohol to overstuffed cookies, let’s take a look at another NYC sweet treat that’s causing a stir

chonky cookies promo photo rainbow fillingChonky Cookies are the must-try viral dessert this year. Image courtesy of Chonky Cookies.

What started out as a quarantine hobby for Heather Friedfetrig would soon become a viral sensation. Friedfetrig began baking her “chonky” cookies in her home in 2020 and has grown her business to open a permanent location in Lindenhurst. Each Chonky Cookie starts with her signature chocolate chip recipe and is stuffed with another whole cookie inside. Plus this holiday season choose from limited-edition boozy flavors in collaboration with Tipsy Scoop, like Bailey’s and Oreo and Maple Pancakes & Whiskey (stuffed with a pancake!!) Order online at ChonkyCookies.com or TipsyScoop.com, or pick up at Tipsy Scoop’s barlours this holiday season.

     3. Butterfield Market

The foodie in your life will appreciate a gift from the historic Butterfield Market

butterfield market promo photo time lapse of storefrontOnly the freshest ingredients are found at Butterfield Market in Manhattan. Image courtesy of Butterfield Market

Butterfield Market has been serving the Manhattan public since the early 20th century, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Known for their fresh ingredients, seafood, and pastries, Butterfield Market is a must visit for anyone interested in cooking. For those who live outside of NYC, this is the perfect opportunity to bring them something from one of the best markets in the city. 

Butterfield Market also sells stunning gift baskets that are perfect for the upcoming holidays. They even sell a Best of New York gift Basket that contains some of the best food from bakers and food experts around the state. And just in time for the holidays, Tipsy Scoop and Butterfield Market teamed up to create a limited-edition flavor- Boozy Butterfield Peanut Butter Brownie. The collaboration is made with Tipsy Scoop’s peanut butter whiskey ice cream, filled with chunks of Butterfield’s famous peanut butter brownies. You don’t want to miss out on this seasonal flavor, it’s sure to be a New York classic!

     4. Mekelburg's

If you’re shopping for the craft beer lover in your life, look no further than Mekelburg’s

inside of Mekelburg's brooklyn red chairs breweryGrab a growler and a lot more at Mekelburg's. Image courtesy of Mekelburg’s.

Located in Brooklyn, Clinton Hill and Williamsburg specifically, Mekelburg’s is your one stop shop for some of the best craft beer and specialty food in the city. Stop in, fill up a growler, or pick up some of their delicious roasted meats, cheeses and other imported foods unique to Mekelburg’s. They have 16 beers on tap all year round, so each time you visit you are likely to find something a bit different. A gift card, a growler, or some charcuterie board ingredients make the perfect gift for this holiday season. Not to mention, they carry your favorite ice cream with alcohol — Tipsy Scoop. Your family and friends are bound to love the eclectic selections from Mekelburg’s at this year’s gift exchange.

    5. Beginnings Restaurant

Give the literary buff or cocktail enthusiast a gift card to Beginnings Restaurant this year

beginnings restaurant interior modern lightingGift the gift of an unforgettable dining experience at this excellent seafood and cocktail lounge. Image courtesy of Long Island Pulse.

Located in Atlantic beach, Beginnings Restaurant has everything you could want, from literary themed drinks to fresh seafood to alcohol infused ice cream. A gift card to this quirky restaurant is perfect for someone looking to explore the city and try something new. Not only are they serving excellent seafood along the famous Atlantic Beach, but you can also try out cocktails like their “Flowers for Algernon,” “Scarlet Letter,” or new for the holidays “The World’s Best Cup of Coffee,” made with Tipsy Scoop’s Spiked Hazelnut Coffee ice cream. Since all cocktails rotate seasonally it's likely you’ll find something different to try each visit. This year, give the gift of an unforgettable dinner at Beginnings. 

This year, give your best local NYC holiday gifts yet to really surprise your foodie friends. Not to mention Tipsy Scoop has seasonal boozy ice cream flavors — available for a limited time only. 

Be sure to visit our website to browse all of our delicious ice cream with alcohol. You can try your hand at one of our boozy ice cream cocktail recipes, or select your favorite from our signature cookbook! Just make sure to tag @tipsyscoop when you post a photo of your boozy concoction to show off on Instagram.