The Best Brunch + Treat Spots in NYC for Your Perfect Sunday in the City

mimosa being poured floral dress spring grass wine brunch partyHave you been missing brunch? Or are you looking to explore all of the wonderful food options NYC has to offer on an upcoming trip? Either way, you should read our top choices for the best brunch + treat spots in NYC. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite brunch spots, along with places to check out afterward if you are interested in a sweet treat. We’ve found some incredible bakeries and even some of the best ice cream in NYC. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. 

In NYC there are so many different delicious brunch options, it can actually be overwhelming. The next time Sunday rolls around, you’ll be the one with the brand new place to check out. We’ve chosen three excellent brunch options you need to check out now.

Searching for the Best Brunch in NYC

        1. Banter - Greenwich Village

NYC’s Invasion from Down Under

city restaurant white doors beige interior plants banter nycImage courtesy of Pinterest.

A unique Australian Café founded in 2016, Banter offers an array of healthy yet decadent  brunch options. It is well known that the much beloved avocado toast comes from Australia, which should give you an idea of how amazing Australian brunch can be. Founded by Nick Duckworth and Josh Evans, Banter is part of a mission to bring Australian brunch to the USA, and it seems like it is working! Banter gets pretty busy and inhabits a cozy space, so it is sometimes hard to get a table. Be sure to try their golden folded eggs if you visit, and don’t forget to get a mimosa!

      2. Grey Dog - Lower Manhattan Area

American Classics and Exceptional Cocktails

bar with plants old fashioned lights with homey feel grey dog nycImage courtesy of Loving New York.

If you are more in the mood for American style breakfast, Grey Dog is the place to go. Grey Dog has five different locations around Manhattan with spacious dining options, so no matter where you are you are not super far from an excellent brunch. It’s also open all day so you have lots of time to get there if you’re a late riser. They have lots of vegetarian and health conscious options as well like their buffalo cauliflower bowl or avocado hummus and grain bowl. For drinks, they have a selection of local wines and beers available as well as their brunch signatures like rosé sangria and hard kombucha. 

       3. Agave - West Village

Get ready for a party!

fun Mexican restaurant balloons bar agave brunch nycImage courtesy of Nooklyn.

Agave is known for their boozy brunch, but they certainly don’t skimp on delicious food either. This west village Mexican restaurant and tequila bar is known for its margaritas and affordable bottomless mimosas. If you are looking for an upbeat, loud and exciting brunch experience this is definitely the place for you. Try their southwestern eggs benedict with avocado, fresh tomatoes and hollandaise to complete your perfect brunch experience. Craving a southwestern brunch with fantastic cocktails? you can’t go wrong at Agave.

      4. Factory 380 - Murray Hill

Restaurant SeatingMuch like Warhol’s art, this hip brunch spot is classically American. Image courtesy of the Daily News. Known well around the local area for its live music and signature cocktails, Factory 380 is another excellent brunch spot to recommend next weekend. Set in a trendy and upbeat space themed after Andy Warhol’s factory lofts, Factory 380 serves classic american fare that gets straight to the point. You may want to check out their 'Factory-N-Out' burger as well as their signature ‘The Matador’ grilled cheese. This artsy spot is definitely worth checking out the next time you head out to brunch. Be sure to try ‘The Commercial Illustrator’ cocktail, you won’t regret it!

The Most Delicious Treats and Ice Cream in NYC

Now that you’ve had one of the best brunches in NYC, are you hankering for a sweet treat before heading home? Of course you are! It’s only natural to indulge a bit before the work week gears up again on Monday. To help you find the absolute best sweets, we’ve gathered some incredible bakeries to satisfy your sweet tooth.

      1. Tipsy Scoop - Manhattan & Brooklyn

mango margarita tipsy scoop outside new york city spring carsImage courtesy of TipsyScoop.

Are you ready to keep your party going into dessert? Tipsy Scoop is an ice cream “barlour” in NYC with locations in both Manhattan & Brooklyn serving a boozy twist on your favorite flavors. Their liquor infused flavors are based on your favorite classic cocktails, so you're sure to find something at Tipsy Scoop you already know and love. Some of their signature flavors include Strawberry Sangria Sorbet, Vanilla Bean Bourbon, and Spiked Mint Chip. Plus at their Brooklyn location Tipsy Scoop offers ice cream cocktails made with their boozy ice cream and additional wine and beer poured on top! Try a Mango Margarita Float made with Mango Margarita sorbet infused with tequila, and topped with prosecco and gummy fruit wedges. Not only is Tipsy Scoop some of the best ice cream in NYC, each infused flavor contains up to 5% ABV, so remember to pace yourself and enjoy!

      2. Cookie DŌ - Greenwich Village

cookie do milkshake pink straw sprinkles on a wooden tableIndulge with so many different types of cookie dough. It sounds like a dream come true! Photo courtesy of Eater NY

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to skip the baking and just eat the cookie dough. Now, you can at Cookie DŌ. Cookie DŌ has locations all over New York City with their flagship store located in Greenwich Village. There you’ll be able to find many different flavors of cookie dough, so there is surely something for everyone in the brunch party. Check out their seasonal flavors if you're feeling extra adventurous. And if you’re not you can always get a scoop of traditional chocolate chip. Cookie DŌ also offers many vegan cookie dough options for all of your plant based friends. Oh and we should mention, yes it's totally safe to eat Cookie DŌ, it is even encouraged!

3. City Cupcakes

Your new favorite spot for cupcakes and cookies

multi color cupcakes white background flavors city cupcakes NYCImage courtesy of Pexels.

Not in the mood for ice cream? No problem, we’ve also found the best place for gourmet 

cupcakes in NYC. City Cupcakes offers so many different flavors of gourmet cupcakes, there will surely be one that satisfies your after-brunch cravings. Their selection includes mouth watering options like their Salted Caramel Fantasy Cupcake, Torched Key Lime Pie Cupcake, or Vanilla Bean Funfetti Cupcake. Their cupcakes also come with gluten free options, so anyone can enjoy City Cupcakes. They don’t only serve cupcakes, though. City Cupcakes also have tempting half pound cookies in flavors like Almond Matcha Wonder, Killer Red Velvet and Signature snickerdoodle. 

Now that you are up to date on some of the best brunch + ice cream locations in NYC, it’s time to start planning your perfect Sunday in the city. Be sure to bring your appetite and have a great time! You can visit Tipsy Scoop in store or online to try some of their delicious flavors. It’s the perfect place to indulge after your NYC brunch!