The Best Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Team

We’re covering everything from your favorite boozy ice cream maker that you can give for your next impressive corporate holiday gift

company holiday party young people santa hat holding glasses of wineThe holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about corporate gifts. You can never get too much of a head start on the holidays — especially when it comes to ordering gifts in bulk. 

This year you should choose something unpredictable for your team. Why not surprise them with a gift that’s fun and delicious? After all, it’s proven that the more recognition employees receive, the more they feel included as a part of your staff. This year, forget the standard corporate gift ideas. Go for something more whimsical like a pint of boozy ice cream. You can really knock the corporate gift out-of-the-park this year with some inspiration from Tipsy Scoop’s holiday collection. 

Tipsy Scoop Holiday Favorites Pack

Give the gift that gets the party started — and what’s a better party starter than boozy ice cream?

tipsy scoop holiday flavors promotional photoTry any combination of Tipsy Scoop’s holiday favorites this season.

This season, one of the easiest and most fun corporate gifts you can give to your employees is the Holiday favorites pack of Tipsy Scoop boozy ice cream. Tipsy Scoop ice cream is not only delicious and available in vegan flavors, they also have seasonal favorites that make the perfect gift for the holidays. Each pint of boozy ice cream is infused with liquor and contains a 5% ABV, meaning this holiday treat will get your buzz on. 

This year, you can order Tipsy Scoop’s festive favorites pack which contains flavors like Toasted Cinnamon Roll infused with spiced rum, Peppermint Mocha Martini flavored with Jackson Morgan Peppermint Mocha Liqueur, and Nutella Eggnog ice cream flavored with dark rum. You can even order a few holiday favorite pints for your corporate holiday party! Sundae making challenge, anyone?

Ice Cream Cocktail Kits

Your team will love creating their own signature boozy ice cream cocktails with our seasonal kit

tipsy scoop holiday ice cream kitMake cocktails together with your team either virtually or in person!

Beyond seasonal flavors, Tipsy Scoop also creates ice cream cocktail kits that let you get creative with a variety of flavors and ingredients. An ice cream cocktail kit is the perfect corporate gift for your team to take home, or to enjoy at the company holiday party. In one seasonal ice cream cocktail kit you receive everything you need to make 4 delicious cocktails including 2 Santa's Cookies & Whiskey Floats and 2 Holiday Coquitos. If you want to give an edible and exciting corporate gift this year, order your team some Tipsy Scoop ice cream cocktail kits.

Boozy Pint of the Month

Tipsy Scoop’s Boozy Pint of the Month club is the gift that keeps on giving

tipsy scoop boozy pint of the month promoYour team will love receiving new flavors of Tipsy Scoop each month.

The worst part about Tipsy Scoop ice cream? When you run out, of course! That’s why the Boozy Pint of the Month club makes the perfect gift to keep the fun going well into the new year. When you give the gift of a membership to the Boozy Pint of the Month, your team members will receive a 4 pint pack of seasonal Tipsy Scoop ice cream every month. Memberships range anywhere from 3 to 6 months, with shipping included. So why not thank your team by sending them a few pints of boozy ice cream each month? They’re sure to be thrilled each time a Tipsy Scoop Package arrives in the mail!

Tipsy Scoop Gift Cards

With a Tipsy Scoop gift card, your team can choose their favorite flavor — or try something brand new!

tipsy scoop gift cardNot sure which flavors your team will enjoy the most? A Tipsy Scoop gift card is the perfect solution.

Everyone has different preferences and dietary restrictions, so it's easy to get overwhelmed deciding on the best Tipsy Scoop packages to buy for your team. If you’re hesitant about which flavors your team would like the best, you can always purchase a virtual or physical gift card for your team. With a Tipsy Scoop gift card, your employees can explore our menu and choose their favorite flavor. So, if you’re stressing about which boozy ice cream flavors you should pick, why not opt for a gift card instead.

This season, give your best corporate holiday gifts yet and really “wow” your team. And don’t forget to try the holiday Tipsy Scoop boozy ice cream flavors — available for a limited time only. 

If you are interested in visiting us in person our stores in Kips Bay, Williamsburg, and Long Beach are fully re-opened for in-store sales and NYC delivery. Be sure to visit our website to browse all of our delicious boozy flavors. You can try your hand at one of our ice cream cocktail recipes, or celebrate with one of our signature ice cream cakes! Just make sure to tag @tipsyscoop when you post a photo of your boozy concoction to show off on Instagram.