TikTok Made Me Do It: 10 Viral TikTok Trends to Try With Your Friends

Throwing a great TikTok inspired party is a great way to get the gang together — but don’t forget the alcoholic ice cream

young women enjoying cocktails poolside splashing smiling outdoors summerNow that more people are able to gather in-person and get reacquainted with social life, what better time is there to throw a TikTok party! There are so many trends going around right now involving popular TikTok trends like viral desserts, party themes, and games. If you and your friends have been sharing videos and are ready to take it from the screen to the real world, follow our guide to some of the hottest TikTok party trends.

This is a perfect opportunity to get a group of close friends together or even to invite new people to mingle! A few  things we can all bond over are great drinks, great food, good company and TikTok. Luckily, Tipsy Scoop, your favorite alcoholic ice cream brand, is here to help you get inspired for your next party.

Get Started By Choosing a Theme for Your Perfect TikTok Inspired Party

It takes more than your friends and some alcoholic ice cream to throw a TikTok party, so let's start by looking at some viral themes

young people 80s party clothing mannequinsGo all out with a “decades” themed TikTok party!

When you begin planning your TikTok party, there are a few things to iron out right away. First, it is important to set a time and a date. Next, you should brainstorm some ideas from your favorite party-planning TikTok trends to try out. Then, invite some of your most creative and TikTok obsessed friends to test out some viral party crazes. 

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, it is always a good idea to start with a theme for your party. Let’s first consult TikTok for some out-of-the-box party themes that are sure to impress at your upcoming party:

  1. Zodiac signs
  2. Your favorite album
  3. Your favorite movie or TV show
  4. Your favorite color
  5. Dress according to different decades

To get your friend group excited about your upcoming party, you can take a poll on their favorite theme and decide based on everyone’s favorite idea. After you have chosen a theme, it’s time to begin decorating and planning your games, food, and cocktails.

Try Something New by Crafting Your Very Own Viral Boozy Ice Cream Treats

Using alcoholic ice cream and a little bit of imagination, you can create an unforgettable signature dessert for you and your guests

ice cream sandwiches stacked on top of each other home made toppings sprinklesMake your own homemade boozy ice cream sandwich with Tipsy Scoop.

TikTok has no shortage of viral food trends, in fact there are new unbelievable recipes popping up every single day. For food and drinks for your TikTok party, let's consult the app to find out what the latest viral trends are and how you can achieve them at home.

  1. First up, the viral chocolate chip cookie recipe that claims to be “better than Subway cookies.” Whether they are better than cookies from Subway is up to you and your friends, but you’ll have to give it a try to really find out. Once you have made your viral TikTok cookies, we recommend pairing them with Tipsy Scoop’s signature alcoholic ice cream flavors to create the very best boozy ice cream sandwich. 
  2. Another fun way to try out a viral food trend at your TikTok party is by making cake cups! This super easy trend involves pressing a large wine glass into a cake and scooping a large part of the cake into the wine glass. This is the perfect base for a birthday cake cocktail using Tipsy Scoop’s Cake Batter Vodka Martini as a delicious topping. All you need is a cake, some wine glasses and your favorite flavor of Tipsy Scoop and you’ve got a party.

Test Drive a Popular TikTok Party Game

Keep your party going with some TikTok inspired games that are sure to set the vibe

young people jumping into the pool fun palm trees mid airKeep the party rocking with some of these summer drinking games.

If you’re bored with the same old drinking games at every party, this section is for you. As part of your TikTok party, you have to try some viral party games with your friends! We’ve come up with a few that really take party games to the next level:

  1. First game up to walk the plank, we have Sing or Swim, a viral TikTok idea only for those with excellent swimming skills. All you need for Sing or Swim is a pool, a chair to dunk your friends into the pool, and a speaker queued up with a few classics. If your friend can’t finish the lyric when the music stops, then they're underwater!
  2. Another excellent summer idea for a TikTok party game is Slip & Slide Flip Cup. The name basically explains it all. You and your friends will take turns sliding down the slip & slide and trying your best to flip the cup before your competitor. This game and Sing or Swim are excellent ways to cool off on a hot summer day.
  3. Finally, for those who are super competitive, we have another flip cup variation. Flip Cup Shot challenge involves two competitors showing off their flip cup skills, trying to gain enough successful flips to give their competitor a shot. With each flip, the shot moves back and forth until it reaches someone’s “end zone” and they take the shot. Better brush up on your flip cup skills!

Now that we have brainstormed some of the hottest TikTok trends to try out at an upcoming party, it's time for you to explore and add your own ideas. Don’t forget to bring the Tipsy Scoop alcoholic ice cream to kick up your TikTok party one extra notch. Our stores in Kips Bay, Williamsburg, and Long Beach are fully re-opened for in-store sales and NYC delivery. Plus we have pop up locations all around the city, including a kiosk at the Mets Citifield! Be sure to visit our website to browse all of our delicious boozy flavors. You can try your hand at one of our boozy ice cream cocktail recipes, or check out our TikTok for some quick inspiration!