Top 6 Gifts For Your Foodie Friends & Family That They'll Actually Use

three young women exchanging gifts in a living room taking picturesGiving a thoughtful gift to a friend or family member isn’t always easy! Whether it's a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or some other special occasion, you want to make sure your gift is something that brightens their day. If you are feeling stumped while a big gift giving occasion is on the horizon, don't worry. We’ve made a list of some of the best gifts that your foodie friends and family will actually enjoy or use on a daily basis. Whether you want to get the party started with alcoholic ice cream or get something more sentimental like their favorite snacks from back home, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to get some ideas for gifts your loved ones will actually use.

      1. A Few Pints of Alcoholic Ice Cream Courtesy of Tipsy Scoop

Delicious and liquor infused, Tipsy Scoop’s alcoholic ice cream won’t last long in the freezer

tipsy scoop ice cream four flavors lying in grass                     Tipsy Scoop has so many delicious flavors to choose from, so why not sample a few.

For the party starter in your life, why not give them the gift of Tipsy Scoop alcoholic ice cream? Available in a wide variety of flavors like Dark Chocolate Whisky Salted Caramel and Tequila Mexican “Hot Chocolate” there is something for every flavor/liquor preference. You can even order a few pints at a time to give your close friend or family member a few options to choose from. Not to mention, they can get creative and make boozy ice cream cocktails like the ones included in the Tipsy Scoop Cookbook. Inside you’ll find ice cream infused twists on classic cocktails and some completely out of the box ideas to try. Trust us, Tipsy Scoop is so delicious and fun to eat that it won’t last very long in the freezer. Available for nationwide shipping through our website, store pick up from the Tipsy Scoop Barlours in NYC, and 30 minute messenger delivery in select locations nationwide! 

      2. Candy Subscription For Foodie Friends With a Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love candy — especially when paired with alcoholic ice cream

candies in wooden box assorted flavors and colors gummies hard candies                     Try some of the candies with your Tipsy Scoop ice cream cocktail. Yum!

Looking for the absolute perfect gift for your friend with an unstoppable sweet tooth? Why not get them a monthly candy subscription box. With a monthly candy subscription box, your friend will be able to try new types of candy whenever they want — even international candies. You can also tailor the subscription box to your friend or family member’s individual taste. Maybe they are chocolate fanatics or love to test their taste buds on sour candy. No matter their preference, there is sure to be a subscription box out there that will make them smile every time they see a new one in the mailbox. You never know, they may just find their new favorite candy thanks to you!

     3. Hot Sauce Sampler For Your Friend With Adventurous Taste Buds

Introduce your friend or family member to some brand new spicy flavors

assorted hot sauces sitting on table with lemon and dishes                    Turn up the heat with exciting new flavors for the foodie in your life.

We all have a friend or family member that likes to test their limits when it comes to spicy foods. Next time a special occasion rolls around, why not surprise them with a hot sauce sampler. You can either get a random selection, or order a custom set that best suits your loved one. They can try the sauces in different recipes or discover which one goes best on wings. These days, there are more hot sauces on the market than ever, so you can really go crazy and get some wild flavors if you’d like. Trust us, hot sauce sampler kits are the hottest foodie gift on the market right now.

    4. Stylish Serving Dishes

The perfect gift for your friend who loves to entertain

many serving dishes on the table with tomatoes olives and other foods                    Indulge your loved one’s passion for throwing dinner parties.

Entertaining a large group of friends isn’t easy, but we all love a good get together. Luckily we all have a friend who was born to entertain. But, what kind of gifts do you get your host besides a bottle of wine? Next time you attend a party thrown by your friend who loves to host, why not bring them a set of stylish serving dishes. They’ll be sure to show them off at the next party they throw, and they’ll think of you each time they start prepping a meal. Instead of just attending the party, get a gift that will help your loved one throw many parties to come.

    5. Personalized Recipe Organizer

Everyone needs a place to store their best recipes, so why not make it personalized?

vintage yellow recipe box with blue dividers                    An old fashioned recipe box is a gift they’ll never forget.

What better way to show your foodie friend or family that you love their cooking than a personal recipe organizer? You can customize your recipe organizer either by ordering a custom design online or taking the DIY route. If you take the DIY route, choose colors and patterns that they’ll love. You can even get them some personalized stationery so they can record any new recipes they pick up. By getting your friends or family a customized recipe organizer, you are getting them a gift they can use every day in the kitchen.

    6. Some of Their Favorite Regional Snacks

Surprise your loved one with their favorite snack from where they grew up

assorted snacks in bowls in table salty pretzels chips                    Gifting someone their favorite hometown snack food is sure to delight.

Most people will move several times during their life. Each time we move, there are things that make us homesick for where we’re from. For many people, one of those things is snack foods. No matter where you are in the country, every region has its own must have snack food. So, why not surprise your loved one with something a little bit sentimental and a whole lot delicious. Their favorite snack from back home is sure to inspire some memories and definitely won't last more than a few days. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can create a gift basket of their favorite snacks and decorate it!

And there you have it, a few ideas for gifts they’ll actually use! Feel free to use our ideas and put your own spin on them. After all, no one knows your friends and family better than you do.

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