Top 6 Most Instagrammable Foods in NYC

colorful ice cream in glasses different shapes light blue background tipsy scoop

We all remember the crazy viral rainbow bagels that caught everyone’s attention a few years ago. That trend of brightly colored “unicorn foods” began right in Brooklyn at The Bagel Store! So if you are looking for eye catching instagrammable foods, NYC is the place to be. 

So, what exactly makes something “instagrammable”? There isn't an exact formula, but usually things that are brightly colored, unusual, unique, and well-lit tend to rack up lots of likes. Luckily, some of the best food, pastries, and ice cream shops in the world are all in NYC. With the popularity of Instagram changing the way we share our lives with others, bakeries, restaurants and ice cream shops are taking the “instagrammability” of their food into consideration. Let’s explore some of the tastiest and most visually appealing foods, treats, and ice cream in NYC that you can try for yourself.

1.  Tipsy Scoop

Tipsy Scoop makes some of the best ice cream in NYC with classic cocktails in mind

mango margarita sorbet orange light blue background fruit watermelon floral

Tipsy Scoop has eye catching flavors for spring and summer.

One of the most visually appealing foods in NYC is definitely the liquor infused ice cream from Tipsy Scoop. All of their boozy flavors are based off of popular cocktails like their Mango Margarita Sorbet and Cake Batter Vodka Martini. Each flavor has 5% ABV, meaning Tipsy Scoop flavors will get your buzz on. Visit their adorable Barlour (bar + parlour) to try the best boozy ice cream in NYC. Their confections are big, brightly colored and make for the perfect Instagram post. So snap a few pics while you’re there, your friends will definitely want you to drop the location so they can try Tipsy Scoop for themselves. 

2. John’s Juice

One of the best juice bars in NYC with a twist - no cups!

two watermelon cups juice sidewalk popsicle stick straw summerWow your digital circle with all natural juices in an all natural container. Image courtesy of Roaming Hunger.

Not only an aesthetically pleasing choice but an environmentally friendly one, John’s Juice makes some of the best juice in NYC and serves it in real pieces of fruit! Since their founding, John’s Juice has saved over 100,000 single use cups from being thrown away. Not to mention the wide variety of juices they offer, served in hollowed out watermelons, coconuts, pineapples and many more. At John’s Juice, you can drink fruit juice and use that same fruit as your cup! It doesn’t hurt that it looks stunning on the ‘gram either.

3. Dominique Ansel Bakery

Birthplace of the famous “Cronut”

cronut donut orange pumpkin spice icing croissantCronuts aren’t the only thing at Dominique Ansel Bakery, but they are the most famous. Image courtesy of Dominique Ansel Bakery.

One of the first viral foods, Dominique Ansel Bakery is the home of the Cronut. If you aren't aware of the Cronut it is exactly what it sounds like, a donut croissant combination. The Cronut comes in many different flavors that change each month, so you never know exactly what Cronut you are going to try. However, Dominique Ansel Bakery is much more than their signature pastry, they also offer other Instagrammable pastries that are sure to get a lot of likes. Try their cookie shot, which is Madagascan vanilla milk poured into a shot glass shaped cookie. You can sip the milk and enjoy the cookie afterward. How cute!

4. Avocaderia

A paradise for avocado lovers

avocado toast with poached egg food art green white plate seasoningThis is the place to go to get the best avocado toast in NYC. Image courtesy of Eater NY.

Who doesn’t love avocados? There may be somebody, but surely even they will take a second look at a dish from Avocaderia in NYC. Visually striking and super delicious, Avocaderia puts an emphasis on healthy and sustainable eating, disclosing where all of their ingredients are sourced and how they are prepared. They also have vegan and vegetarian options as well as many other options for those with food sensitivities. Not to mention, their food looks amazing and is always focused on their signature ingredient, avocados. Try their avocado toast, salads and tacos to get a full experience at Avocaderia. You can never have too many avocados, or too many likes on Instagram.

5. Egg Shop NYC

Eggs any way you can possibly imagine

eggs Benedict with asparagus pepper bacon english muffin brunch white plateA balanced part of any breakfast, or instagram feed. Image courtesy of Postmates.

The egg sandwich is an NYC staple. Many will search the city for years to find the perfect bacon, egg, and cheese. Well, the search is over now that Egg Shop NYC has burst onto the scene inspired by the never ending versatility of the egg. They offer a signature bacon, egg, and cheese along with many other egg dishes that are sure to pique your interest. Look for their BLT Benedict with poached eggs, pepper bacon, mixed greens, tomato, confit, dijon citronette and a sprinkling of Old Bay. It sounds incredible, and it looks even better!

6. The Bagel Store

Finally you can get your hands on that rainbow bagel

rainbow bagel shiny pink and blue swirl several many on a baking sheetAdd some rainbow to your life. Image courtesy of Today

Remember the rainbow bagel? Oh yeah, it's still available and still one of the most deliciously unique and Instagrammable foods in NYC. Scot Rosillo, inventor of the rainbow bagel is the head bagel artist at the store. His other innovations, including the “Cragel” (croissant + bagel) are just some of the tasty options you’ll find at The Bagel Store NYC. One thing to keep in mind though, is that the rainbow bagels sell out quickly, so you may need to preorder or wait in line at their store location in Brooklyn. The originator of the rainbow or “unicorn” food craze is sure to stand out as a colorful addition to your feed.

Now that we’ve explored the 6 most Instagrammable foods in NYC, it's time to try it for yourself. Whether it's the best ice cream in NYC, or the perfect bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, it never hurts to look good on the ‘gram. Take advantage of these unique spots to satisfy your cravings and increase your engagement. You can visit Tipsy Scoop online or in store to try their cocktail inspired flavors. Remember to snap a few pics to share with your friends.